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Reality? 'Pics or it didn't happen' Long Read

A long read from The Guardian this week has been on my mind since I first read it.   It was on my mind before I read it, as I've been thinking so many of these same thoughts and working them out loud with friends for a while now.      I like the author's tone because he includes himself as he ponders these questions.   The piece is based on his book, also linked below.

This piece is definitely worth a read, as it applies to so many adults.   If I were still a middle school teacher, I would read this article with my students and discuss it.   These issues need to be addressed, right alongside those of internet safety for the mental and emotional health of our children.   Children today know nothing else.   We must protect their senses of memory and self.   We must encourage them to develop into real people, not just accumulations on social media.   They need to experience being really present in a situation, instead of being occupied with how they capture images of it to prove …

St. Valentine's Day

The kids like coming home to a table filled with decorating supplies for their valentines.   These are pictures that make it all look so beautiful.   And it was, but it wasn't perfect.   The ironing board in the background was knocked down, Thomas was bored with writing "From: Thomas" after the tenth valentine.   There was great moaning and gnashing of teeth at times;) BUT in their memories, I really believe they'll remember it the way it is in these pictures.   It's all okay!

Joey took Clare and Thomas to the Builder's Workshop at Lowe's while Emmeline decorated sugar cookies.