'Lil Bakers

In August, Clare had her first baking lesson as I taught her to make homemade chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins.   She did such a great job and was so proud of the finished products.   They were delicious!   Now, I have two little people in the house upon whom I can depend for fresh baked goods!

Several evenings this week, Emmeline could be found sitting with a pile of cookbooks.   She wanted to create cupcakes this weekend, so she looked up recipes for the cake, frosting, and thought about toppings.   She decided to make S'mores cupcakes.   She baked the cakes last night and finished the toppings this afternoon.   Emmeline did all the work herself and I am so proud of my little baker!


  1. Kids in the kitchen! These are going to be the best memories for us and the kids too! These cookies and cupcakes look de-lish! Thanks for posting! I don't feel so far away! : )


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