A Little Housekeeping

I really thought we were going to have to change the flooring in our master bedroom.   I started looking up cheap DIY flooring options because we had already changed the flooring in the living room and kids' rooms to help with our daughter's  asthma.   I still have days where I can't do much so I was not looking forward to a drawn-out, huge job.   I am SO thankful that I found a tip for cleaning carpets on Pinterest: WINDEX, Original Formula.   It really works!   It's supposed to be a professional secret.   Well, it's no secret that the damage my children did to my carpets has disappeared and I am relieved.   I finished one section and a whole bottle.   I'll finish the rest next week, a little bit each day.   It will look really great when it is steam cleaned.   We're trying to decide if we want to invest in our own steam cleaner.

 And no, contrary to what these photographs seems to show, we do not have an oil well, with crude oil pooling around in our backyard.   I don't know how this happened, but our bedroom is right off the kitchen, near the back door, and they like to run in there to use our bathroom or just to play since we have the only room with wall-to-wall carpeting.  

Before: section by the door, leading in from the kitchen

Before: Stains sprayed with Windex
This is one of the kids' favorite paths if we are sitting in the room.

In addition to clean carpets, we now have a No Shoes rule!

After: (see first picture above!) Next is steam cleaning and  tackling the table o' stuff in the middle of the room.  

And now I feel an urge to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding...



  1. Oh, love that Big Fat Greek Wedding comment! Spray some Windex on it! Magic! :) BUt seriously, that's amazing.


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