Monday, 30 June 2014

In Praise of the Office Depot Performance Protection Plan

"Don't get it."
"Waste of money."
"Not worth it."

Read through on-line buying guides written by, well, some guy or gal with a computer and internet access, and the above advice is what you're likely to find when it comes to store's additional warranties.   I've always followed that advice until we bought our last laptop in 2011.   I'm so glad I bucked the traditional advice.   As the salesperson explained, Office Depot would repair or replace the laptop even if it was damaged by human error, like spilling coffee all over it or leaving it on a thick bed comforter where it overheated.   One employee told me how her dog damaged hers and the plan still covered the damage.  

Last summer the laptop began to have major problems and some days I could not use it at all.   I called Office Depot and they sent me a box and paid shipping label so I could send it to their repair center.   When the laptop returned, I had lost all of my installed programs (I had been warned) and strange error messages were appearing.   By December, none of my USB ports recognized any device and the computer would just shut down after only running for 10 minutes at a time.   I could no longer access the internet.   So, it was a box and paid shipping label again.   This time, the e-mail update informed me that they were unable to fix my laptop, so according to the terms of the Performance Protection Plan, they would send me a Office Depot gift card for the full purchase price of my laptop.   No hassles.   No fighting.   The second repair was actually past the date of the plan, but since the first repairs didn't work, they still honored the deal.   I will always buy my computers, tablets, etc.. at Office Depot and I will always purchase the "waste of money, not worth it, don't get it" Performance Protection Plan.

So, for the first time since last summer, I should be able to type for longer than 10-30 minutes at a time and access my photos from the camera's memory card.   It was really fun for those couple of weeks when my iPhone died and I was waiting to replace it.   Actually, that was pretty nice.

It came down to a Dell or a Lenovo and I hope I chose well.

Yea Technology!  Yea Office Depot!   Now, time for some updates for our family!

A photo that did NOT take 5 minutes to load!

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  1. Awesome! Glad you got a reliable computer service for your troubles. Nice recommendation, too. There's very little sense in shouldering those technical woes when we can loosen the weight and get some good advice, and an end result of a collaboration that is hopefully built for us. I believe we should always aim to gain the best deal. I think you got a great deal in choosing the Lenovo. I'll be looking forward for more updates from you.

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