Monday, 30 June 2014

Happy Easter 2014

All dressed and ready for the Easter Vigil Mass!   They really do so well and I like to see the adult baptisms at the Vigil.   It reminds me of the Vigil mass when I came into the Church.   Plus, since we're not "good Catholics" ;) who are always able to participate in the Triduum, we like to take advantage of the privilege of participation in the Vigil.  

After mass, I come home and eat my first Cadbury Crème Egg.   Then, they all fall asleep in their Easter clothes & that makes for some pretty Easter morning pictures!

I had one of those little bird water whistles when I was Clare's age.

Our Easter table

"Yes, I decorate with bunnies."   In my head, I said that like Shirley McClain in Steel Magnolias when she tells Annelle, "Yes, I pray."   Mama always had bunny decorations, but I do wait until Saturday to set them out.

Emmeline's godmother, Nancy, bought these beautiful eggs: one for each of us!

Our first year to use these!

Casual for the egg hunt

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