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It's Both for This Catholic "Thing"

Last year, I discovered The Bitter Southerner, a literary magazine on-line.   They publish a new story every Tuesday morning to share stories of people, places, and activities which represent the new south, the south that seeks to right wrongs and look to the future.   I've looked forward to my Bitter Tuesday mornings. Today's feature, the beautifully written "Feed," by author Susan Rebecca White, has been on my mind all day, through the breakfast dishes, the fitting for a temporary crown (always the dental patient, never the Queen), and the afternoon routines of school pick-up, homework, and dinner.   I scribbled a bit on my notepad and now I sit to try to write about all those thoughts so I can figure out what I think of "Feed." As a Born-and-Raised Anti-Catholic I've written before of my un-churched upbringing.   My dear mama was raised in the Church of Christ, a denomination where each congregation is autonomous.   The only beliefs of which she was …

Mardi Gras 2014

Catch-up Post!   We had a fun, but low-key Mardi Gras season and Fat Tuesday this year.   We didn't try any get-togethers.   On Fat Tuesday, we were fortunate to have gumbo in the freezer, so all I had to cook was a decadent dessert before the Lenten season would commence at midnight.   Even though King Cake is a traditional Mardi Gars food, it's not what we wanted.   We wanted a homemade key lime pie and it was delicious!  

The fleur-de-lis was an after-Christmas find at Kirklands.   If you don't have beads, you can find them at Dollar Tree.  

My masks, as well as the gold balls in the hurricane glass, came from King Dollar:

This little tree was our Dr. Suess tree at Christmas.   On Epiphany, it became our Mardi Gras tree.   The garland on the mantle was a new find this year from Kirkland's after Christmas, for just $3.00.  I threaded clearance Christmas ribbon through it.

On to dessert:

The key to a great citrus dessert: zest from the outer peel:

That is a whole cu…


C.O.D--Cash on Delivery--remember that on old television product offers?

Friday, I received a late Christmas card from the daughter of Mama's best friend.   She had mailed the card earlier but it was returned and between then and now, her mom gave her two pictures.   They are from May of 1991, the weekend of my high school graduation.   Mrs. Carmel and five of her six children travelled to spend the weekend with us.   One of the pictures was much like one in my photo album from my high school days.   It was a picture of me, in cap and gown, between my parents.   It was the top of the stack in the envelope.  

The second picture--one I'd never seen-- threw me.   Tears, as I leaned against the kitchen counter.  

C.O.D.?   Comfort on Delivery...comfort I miss so much, but have such memories of, and comfort that I am hopefully able to give my own children.   It is possible to be overcome by thankfulness and sadness.