Snow Day '14

Or, as my Louisiana friends are calling it, Sneaux Day.  

The beautiful main gates of my Alma Mater, under actual, honest-to-goodness SNOW.

Yes, some of it actually stuck to the ground.   There was snow and ice on our cars.   The door handles and locks had ice!   It was exciting stuff here in central Texas.   Hot chocolate, homemade blueberry muffins for a leisurely breakfast, popcorn in the morning, two snowmen (see below), and the rescue of a lost dog (reunited with owner).    Yesterday, I stocked up the fridge and pantry and we hunkered down because it was going to drop below freezing and there would be wintry precipitation.   Not quite the hurricane prep of my childhood.  

If you squint, you can see their first snowman, their Olaf, in the picture above.   A close-up shot is below.   Another great thing about the fabulous movie, Frozen, is that Olaf lowered the bar for the physical appearance of a snowman so even Texas kids could appreciate the beauty of their humble creation.

Here is the second snowman, also inspired by Frozen.   "In Summerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

"Mama, you have to come see!   There is snow on all the rooftops!!!"

Yep, our picnic table was absolutely covered in snow.

Today, I kept thinking about all those moms up north who deal with wet shoes, boots, gloves, and coats throughout the winter months.    I admire them all!   I think I'm better suited to deal with wet swimsuits and towels during the summer months.


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