Tuesday, 31 December 2013

FIVE Years Ago Today: Our Greatest New Year's Eve

Thomas Becket, born December 31, 2008, 10:59 a.m., 8 lbs. 9 oz.

On the seventh day of Christmas...

For Thomas's second birthday, I wrote a bit about the day he was born and included some of his baby pictures:

Today, my baby, my little boy, turns five years old and while I am thankful for his healthy growth, I am not taking it extremely well that my baby is five and will start school next year.   Thomas is such a sweet boy, always ready with a kiss and hug.   He tears around the house, wearing his Thomas the Tank Engine blanket as a cape, as he pretends to be Superman, Thor, or some other super hero.   He loves watching Gator Boys and pretending to wrestle his stuffed alligators.   He is spoiled by his two big sisters and maybe a bit by his mama.   He would eat candy and snack foods all day if we let him, but he also likes to eat ham and eggs, although not necessarily green.   He can run fast, catch a ball very well and he loves playing sports in the yard and at the park.   There is no genetic explanation for this.   Scientists will descend upon our doorstep to study this situation if it continues.

He also falls asleep easily in the car and until this year, he would remain asleep even when I carried him inside the house.   I am a mother blessed.

He loves to laugh!

He stole my heart five years ago today and I remain completely smitten.   I am so thankful for my special boy!  

Such personality & my favorite of his baby outfits

First haircut

For a while, he would always take off just one shoe and run around that way.   We figured "Tommy One-Shoe" would be a great mob nickname.

Drawing on my recipe notebook: only with a face--and eyelashes--like that do you get away with such a thing;)

King of the Living Room

Happy Birthday, Thomas Becket!

"I'm five now."

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