Decorated for Christmas 2013

We wait.

Sometimes I wonder if it's odd to share pictures of our home decorated for Christmas.   Odd to other people, that is.   When I was growing up, Mama's friends would call and ask if they could bring people over to tour our house, especially at Christmas.   It wasn't for the physical house itself, but for the many pieces, usually from garage sales, that Mama had refinished, painted, and then beautifully arranged.   Plus, my original intent for this blog is to record our lives and my thoughts for my children, so here are some pictures of our home, decorated and waiting for Christmas 2013.   It's been a gradual process and even though I doubt it every year, it always comes together by Christmas Eve.



Candle welcome at our front door


Our Grinch tree: Hallmark makes a new Grinch ornament each year

I haven't had a tinsel-covered tree since I was a little girl.   It's what's been missing on the trees I've decorated as an adult! 

One of the tinsel-covered Christmas trees of my childhood, maybe 1st or 2nd grade?

The Cajun Papa Noel

A personalized homemade ornament

For weeks now

These next two are some favorite vintage ornaments from the 1960s when my parents were living on my dad's graduate assistantships.   The box of our oldest ornaments was one of the things I wanted most to find when I cleaned out my parents' house and it was one of the last that I found.


These were so tempting when I was a child!

Just a small sampling of Joey's snowman collection:

Literary snowmen;)

Texas-themed snowmen

Vintage ornaments displayed in hurricane globes on the mantle

I can't believe this is the first year I've thought to put greenery in this old post box.

Mama made these:)

I would sit and stare at this wooden candle holder for who knows how long as a child.   Mama painted the sweet image.

The children's favorite village.

Merry Christmas!


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