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A Literary Retreat: King and O' Connor on Sin, Redemption, & Mercy

Black eyes.   Technically brown, but any border of iris is lost in their depths.   Not just windows to her soul, but to their observer, they seemed to also be a mirror into his own soul.   Eyes whose near blackness had the same effect as the nun's black habit, always turning my thoughts to God.   In the daylight, those turned thoughts were fresh, hopeful and exciting: a new life, redemption, belief sparkled within delicate almond-frames.   Sharp wit and wisdom beyond years.  

But then there was the night, as the blackness deepened around, so it did in those eyes.   Still sparkling, but now with a depth of experience and knowledge.   She was close to God, in love and hope, but that proximity also opened her up to the spiritual world.   The reality of battles, forces, of angels and demons.   Sure, knowing, and peaceful, relying on the name of Jesus and to use the evangelical vernacular, claiming her assurance and blessing in His name.

Deep in conversation, Regina and I would share …


My laptop has been returned to me today after being sent away for repair.   It seems to be working fine, although I lost some things.   Fortunately, all our digital photos were stored on an external hard drive.   Time to update the blog!

The girls were very excited about the start of a new school year.   It's been a good year so far.   I met with their teachers Monday for parent conferences and both girls received glowing reports.   I'm very proud of them.

While the girls slept, I finished cleaning their rooms for them.   I just wanted them to wake up to nice, neat rooms on the first day of school.   After I dropped them off and returned home, I went to check their beds and I found this note on Emmeline's desk.   You're welcome.