Monday, 1 July 2013

New Views, New Records

We have depended upon my iPhone for pictures almost two years now.   Our point-and-shoot digital camera was on its last leg before a final drop sent it to the camera graveyard.   The iPhone was fine until all my photos disappeared (most were saved elsewhere) and I was no longer able to take photos outside of Facebook (sometimes) and text-messages.   I just didn't want to spend another unnecessary dime, so I was taking pictures within text messaging and sending them to Joey.   Then, I would save them on his phone and e-mail them to my inbox, where I could download them. 

Finally, I remembered that it had been a very long time since we cashed in any credit card cashback/bonus points.   When I started looking up our balances, I realized that over the years, we had built up enough points to buy a nicer camera with no extra money out-of-pocket.   We even had enough to buy a 32 GB memory card.   I was so excited!   I haven't had time to learn what it can really do, yet.   I have tutorials pinned on Pinterest; one day I  will have time to sit and go through those!

I really, really, really like this camera!   Even using its most basic functions, I'm getting pictures with which I am pleased.   It reminds me of my days of using my dad's Vivitar 35 mm back in high school.   I was a member of an Explorer (associated with Boy Scouts, but open to girls) Troop whose focus was journalism.   We took pictures and wrote articles for the local newspaper.   Good times and it's nice to remember the fun and creativity of those days.

First picture I took: of course, a picture of the camera box!

If there's one thing I've learned from reading blogs, when you get a new camera, you must take a picture like this.   It's a rule in Ye Olde Book of Blogging.

It's been great having better pictures of the children.   These are some of the first pictures I took of them with my new camera:

Thomas, My Little Adventurer.   He has store-bough super hero costumes, but this flannel blanket, made by my cousin Linda when he was born, is his favorite cape.   He saved the stick from a park expedition.   I love that he knows how to play with simple things.

Clare, imitating the pose from her grass seedlings she brought home from school.   I love it when you capture personality on film!

Emmeline, Future Pie Queen.   She is becoming quite the baker and this picture captures her enthusiasm.

Then, there are the food pictures.   My apologies if you follow me on Facebook.   I'm one of THOSE people who take pictures of my cooking.   I generally don't take many pictures of restaurant food because I try to keep my phone put away when we're in a restaurant.   Is there any sight more sad than a person sitting with another person, or even surrounded by people, who can't put away his phone and engage in conversation?   Yes, the saddest sight is everyone at the table on their phones instead of interacting with each other.   Perhaps I see this more because I live in a college town.   And Rant Over.

Want to hear me talk about how we oven roast most of our vegetable for the millionth time??

Pie is just beautiful, at all stages.   Embrace it.

Oh, the meringue.   Oh, the toasted coconut.

I HAD to record this for all-time.   This is a blind-baked, or pre-baked, pie crust which was later filled with homemade vanilla custard and topped with meringue and coconut.   No one would see the beauty of this crispy baked pie shell without this picture.   I accept the world's thanks.

After family and food, flowers come in third as subjects.   I am my mother's daughter.

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