Monday, 1 July 2013

Back Porch Living: Worth the Wait

Before move-in

I found out the weeds between the pavers LIKE salt.   I poured salt between the squares and the weeds have thrived! The ceiling fan was white and rusted, so I just painted it black.   It worked perfectly well; there was no reason to replace it.

It's been nearly two-and-half years since we moved into this house.   It's taken almost all of that time to get our back porch together.   And it's not a large porch.   The poor place has been a dumping ground for tools and toys some of that time.   I made several attempts to pretty it up, but each time, something fell apart or I got lazy about keeping it together.

We had a mild spring and June this year.   It gave me the opportunity and motivation to get outdoors and spruce up some areas which had been neglected.   My back tells me I overdid it a bit, but that's another story.   In addition to front flowerbeds and the front porch, I finally tackled the back porch.   I ended up finishing it in time to host a birthday gathering for friends, which served as a nice reward for my efforts.

Since August, we've had a long, flat cardboard box propped up against first, a wall in our garage, and then, a column on our back porch.   Last summer, I got great deal on an outdoor glass table that seats six at the Home Depot summer clearance sale.   It was only $40!   We also got two "rockers."   The pair of those were $25.   For both!   I love metal furniture because it can eventually be painted when it needs refreshing.   I couldn't figure out where to put things, since we also have an area formed by square pavers off our back porch.   It is uncovered, so I hated to put the table out there.

Outdoor coffee table I hope to refurbish for indoor use with a wood top.   Maybe?

Eventually, I realized we didn't need to keep the outdoor coffee table I purchased at a garage sale (actually at this house before closing).  The dining table could go in its place and the chairs could be used with my mama's church pew and the loveseat/bench I also purchased at the same garage sale as the coffee table.   Space and placement dilemma solved!   I still want to paint the ceiling light blue and I have black metal candle holders to hang on either side of the painting above the church pew.

Candle holders: $1 each at King Dollar!   Outdoor ushions on church pew: part of 4-piece set at garage sale

It's been such a wonderful place to eat and relax.   We've eaten most or our meals out there, under the ceiling fan.   At night, the lights and candles make it a special place to enjoy cooler temperatures and the escape from the sun's overbearing presence.   Porch living is the best and I am so thankful that after years of rentals with no porches, our first home being plagued by mosquitoes, and waiting for special deals on sale and at garage sales, that I am now able to enjoy life out back, as I used to do as a child.   It's been worth the wait!

The church pew is made of cypress.   Mama bought it when an old church in Louisiana was torn down.   The pew is hand-made and you can almost feel the "Amens" and "Hallelujahs."

I painted the door teal during spring break.   I love my bright teal door!

We've had these grape-cluster decorative lights for years, but never had a place to use them.

My little St. Francis corner

This was a bright, shiny brass fixture from the church garage sale.   I painted it black, to use with candles.

Mama's tea cart makes a pretty bar area.

Centerpiece of the porch: Mama's painting of geraniums.   They were her favorite flower.   Her intention was to paint a black rectangle on the church pew back and paint the horizontal version of this image on it to match.  

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