Five Favorites

I've been working on several posts lately, but I've not published any of them here, so I'll join Hallie Lord's fun link-up at Moxie Wife.

1. Buckskin Bill Black

I grew up watching Buckskin Bill's television show every weekday morning on WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   He told stories, talked to his puppet named "What'sYourName?" (if you wrote a letter and asked, he would say his name was yours for the day), showed cartoons, and taught children to turn Monday into a Fun Day by doing the Monday Morning March.   Mama loved to tell people how cute I was, marching around our living room as I did the March along with Buckskin Bill.   Before my time, he decided Baton Rouge needed a zoo and worked to make it happen.   Then, he led a penny drive so the children of the area could contribute enough pennies to purchase two elephants for the zoo.   I love this man and I'm so happy he was a part of my childhood.   It's worth a watch.   It's really a peak into another era when childhood was valued a bit more than now.

2.  Soy Butter at Wal-Mart

I found soy butter at our Wal-Mart for just $3.78 a jar!!!!   Our eldest daughter is allergic to all nuts, so we use this peanut butter alternative in our house.   I usually pay over $5 per jar at another store because I've never found it cheaper.   A few days ago, I did.   Happy.

3.  Apple Peels

Some messes make you tired; they push you to exasperation.   But, a pile of apple peels?   For me, that's a mess that just makes me happy to the core.   Get it?!   Peeling apples is therapy for me.   I have no desire for gadgets.   Give me a simple paring knife and leave me alone to peel my apples.   It's like a Calgon moment for me.  

Before the Pie: there's a beauty to the rings and squared cores.

4.  Cherry sandals

If you don't smile when you just look at these darling shoes, there might be something seriously wrong with you.   And they were on Clearance!   Perfect for my Clare!

Cherry sandals, cherry dress, all for a cutie pie:)

5. Chopped

We haven't had cable television for two years now.   It's been great, although I do miss Eastenders and a few favorites from Food TV.   This week, I decided to do the month free trial of Amazon Prime.   Oh, joy: the Instant Videos!   I can watch Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa and Chopped.   I loved watching Chopped, the show where chefs are challenged to make a three course meal using an odd assortment of ingredients.   Each course has to be made in only twenty minutes.   I am in awe of the creativity and talent of the chefs.   I have enjoyed catching up on new episodes with the whole family.   And I don't have to wait until after commercials to find out "who's been chopped..."

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  1. I love Clare's sandals, with the cherry red toenails too!


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