Easter 2013

It's still the Easter season, so these are not late!   Happy Easter to all.   The children made it through another Easter Vigil Mass.   The fire at the beginning and the candlelight as we entered the sanctuary were highlights for them.   As always, it brought back memories of my baptism and welcome into the Catholic Church.   My 16h Anniversary as a Catholic was Good Friday.   Easter Sunday was a beautiful day of an extraordinary amount of chocolate and time spent together with dear friends.   And desserts.   Lots of delicious desserts!   The children's lunches reflected the joy of the Octave with one of Joey's homemade coconut cupcakes every day.

I realized I haven't taken outdoor Easter pictures in their Easter finery for the past two years.   Who takes indoor Easter pictures at home?!

Very excited over stuffed bunnies.   We don't have that many stuffed animals in our house.
New matching gown set for doll and cute little girl

He LOVES his soccer ball.   LOVES.

Another matching gown set, another cute little girl

Easter morning: my first Cadbury Creme Egg of the season.   Finally.
How adorable are all these children?   Ready to hunt eggs!

Desserts!   The centerpiece was Megan's beautiful lamb cake.   She uses the same cake pan passed down in her family.   It's a beautiful tradition and it was a delicious cake!

My Easter table: Mama's vases filled with beautiful tulips

New place mats after waiting for 2 years to find a great deal!   And I love burlap.

Mama painted these.


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