Friday, 22 February 2013

Everything is Beautiful its own way.   Now that the song is going through your head (you're welcome), I can continue.

I am fascinated by this site: Wind Map., which I found in this post at Open Culture.   It is an art piece created by artists Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenburg.   Overhead images of winds are uploaded every hour and added to the moving piece which records the wind patterns across the United States.  

screen capture of one of the maps

I was especially amazed at this map as Hurricane Sandy as it built and pushed its way onto shore:

Please try the link since it shows the winds moving.

Wind, with all its destructive potential and power, is still an ordered and even beautiful phenomenon of nature.   We can witness its slow shaping of our landscape or its capacity for destruction in these artistic maps.   From a distance of space and time, we can observe and appreciate, or more likely and better, just gaze in wonder and awe.

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