Friday, 15 February 2013

7 Quick Takes

My only camera right now is my iPhone and I can only take pictures for texting or posting on Facebook.   I lost my camera roll and can't save photos to my phone.   So, Jennifer Fulwiler's 7 Quick Takes at Conversion Diary is a great way to catch up on the blog.


Not another one.   Not so soon.   Not the loss of another person so dear to me, who I look to for so much.   I still cry if you show me a tribute video of John Paul II.   But, I trust in God and I love His Church and this great Servant of Servants, Benedict XVI.   One of my favorite informative and thoughtful posts about the abdication was this one by Fr. George Rutler, the Anglophile par excellence:

Here's an excerpt:

'In a grand paradox, nothing in him has become so conspicuous as his  desire to disappear. Christ gave the Keys to a Galilean fisherman with a limited life span. He chose Peter; Peter did not choose Him. When the pope relinquishes the Petrine authority, he does not submit a letter of resignation to any individual, for the only one capable of receiving it is Christ. This is why “renunciation” or “abdication”  is a more accurate term than “resignation” in the case of the Supreme Pontiff. Unless this is understood, the danger is that a superficial world will try to refashion the pope into some kind of amiable but transient office holder...But the papacy’s authority is absolute and not gratuitous, and its exercise cannot be only conditional and validated by human approval. Pope Benedict pays tribute to that imperial obligation of his office by  willing to relinquish it.'

"In the Light of Eternity": it's the only way to really consider anything.

Novel Approach

Last month, I read After This by Alice McDermott for my book club.   I wrote a post about it that was ridiculously long and felt too formulated, like a freshman literature essay, but I just felt and thought so much about the novel that I just couldn't contain it all, or manage how it came out.   Last week, I read my second McDermott novel: At Weddings and Wakes.   Why is her name not all over Catholic blogs (or have I just missed it)?   It was thoroughly Catholic and another beautiful work.   This one hit me much more, on a more personal level.   It is such a vivid description of dysfunction within families.   I am ready to devour and then savor the rest of her work.   I will be forever grateful for finding her; I leave her novels enriched and in awe of her abilities and their source, God, whose presence is so real in our lives if only we have "eyes to see and ears to hear."

Sick and Tired of Being...well, you know the rest

My sweet nine-year-old was able to return to school yesterday after being sick since Friday.   She had a fever and a scary cough, so I took her to the pediatrician who diagnosed her with bronchitis and put her on a Z-pack antibiotic.   The next day, she was unable to keep anything down,  had fever and bumps covering her body, so I took her to an urgent care clinic where a physician's assistant said she had an allergic reaction.   Emmeline told her she was starting to break out before we filled the prescription.   To which she received the reply, "Honey, I've been doing this twenty years, I think I know an allergic reaction when I see it."   That was Saturday.   Sunday, when the rash didn't go away, the fever spiked and the vomiting returned on Monday (after stopping the antibiotic on Saturday), we were back at the pediatrician's office.   Not an allergic reaction, Honey.   It was sad to see my child so sick, but I loved having her home.   Baby brother really loved it.   No fever and that cough is not so worrisome now.   Thanks be to God!

The Thick of It

No, not a diet update, that's coming up later.   I discovered a British comedy on Hulu Plus called The Thick of It.   It is hilarious classic British satire that has me laughing so loud I'm afraid I'll wake the children.   Warning: it does have British language.   There's a certain word that's vulgar here, but not considered so vulgar there, so it's not censored on British television.   The show follows the activity (antics) of the  Department of Social Works (ficticious).   Instead of any real accomplishments, the staff spends their time spinning stories, answering to the Prime Minister's enforcer, and cleaning up the mess of its incompetent Minister.   It could easily be a show about American political inner workings and if open mic tapes have taught us anything, the language of politics can be pretty salty, from any camp.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Even the Bard can't stand against technology.   Yesterday, one of the stories on BBC 4 Radio was about modern commercial hybrid roses.   For the sake of longer shelf life and uniformity, their scent and delicate appearance has been sacrificed.   Forget another name, even by rose, the modern commercial variety does not smell as sweet.   I couldn't get the report out of my mind as I passed tent after tent in parking lots yesterday.   Those temporary tents offer customers last-minute gifts so the Valentine's Day obligation is fulfilled.   An abundance of roses, but they lack the fullness of what makes a rose.   How many consumers even know the glories of a full-bodied, delicate rose whose fragrance is sensed before you are even close enough to touch it?   It reminded me of the post I read from Heather King about what processed food lacks compared to real food, in addition to what pornography lacks compared to real sex and ultimately to what really feeds us, satisfies us: The Eucharist:

 Love The House You're In

I've been missing my old house lately.   I am SO grateful for our new home, but it just doesn't feel as homey and charming as the other one.   I realize I'm probably missing the time, not the house.   We lived there when our babies were small.   Things seemed so much more simple then.   This post at The Inspired Room was one to which I could really relate and I was motivated to hang some of Mama's paintings and her favorite prints in our living room, in attempt to get back to my real eclectic style:

The Good Ole' Days?

I found this gem whilst looking for public domain images:

For more 7 Quick Takes, check out Conversion Diary:


  1. Neat, Terri!!! I was just thinking today after seeing Lauren's post that I should start a 7 quick takes on my blog. It would help me commit to writing down things I want to remember about our days (and quite frankly, don't want to remember too - hah!) :) Can I jump on the bandwagon too? :) Do we link back to Conversion Diary, is that how it works?

    We have a scary cough too. I was going to ask you how to know when it's scary enough to go in. We have an appt for Monday. :( I hope everyone is feeling better over there!

  2. I love the connection you drew from Heather King's blog to the hybrid roses. Reminds me a bit of Plato's theory of Forms, too.


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