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London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Even though it's been three days, I'm still blown away by the Olympic Opening Ceremony.   The director, Danny Boyle, left no doubt as to his talent and artistic genius.   I've seen some of his films and I was able to see a broadcast of the play, Frankenstein, he directed in 2011.   The opening ceremony had his artistic stamp all over it.   The "set" was incredible, with a lush agrarian landscape that changed before our eyes to industrial England.   As the set changed, so did the characters and performances, reflecting the incredible history of England during those years since the Industrial Revolution.

Boyle has an incredible ability to see meaning and beauty in that which might be dismissed as ugly or messy by others.   Then, he portrays it with his unique sensibility which manages to combine urban and industrial with beautiful.   Surely, his working-class upbringing in Manchester influenced him.   He was also raised Roman Catholic and considered the priesthood…

Just A Little Trip

Since we chose to spend money on the house rather than a big trip this summer, we just took a few little day trips and one overnight trip for a bit of a vacation.   Our overnight trip was to Houston, where we visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.     I'll just go ahead and say that I enjoyed the Museum of Fine Arts best.   I have loved learning about dinosaurs since I was a child and it was exciting to see the new exhibits.   With three kids in tow, though, the other exhibits and the size of the museum made for a long day.    The Museum of Fine Arts was more my speed.   I am always impressed with the range and quality of exhibits there.

We have a poster from the museum that features this beautiful piece, The Elder Sister,  by WILLIAM BOUGUEREAU:

The children were so excited to see it in person, in all its glory.   E was especially impressed by the array of art before her young eyes.    I tried to let her ju…

6 Years Old!

Shame on me; this is a late post!   We celebrated C's birthday July 5.   We had a huge party last year, so we kept it smaller this year.   We met her godmother and "godbrothers" at our neighborhood pool for swimming, pizza and birthday cake.   It was so much fun and it was rather fitting.   She was surrounded by people who saw her the day she was born!

She has changed so much over the past six years.   She's still full of spunk and passion, doing everything with gusto!   She's such a good swimmer.   She likes to please, but also knows how to dig her heels in when things don't go as she wants.   She is kind-hearted and always the first to share or help someone who has a need.   She's a great helper and a really great "finder" when I've lost something.   She loves her baby dolls and the Avengers, especially Thor.   Life was never the same after Clare and for that we're thankful!

More Home Improvements--Summer 2012

This summer, we've crossed out a few more items on our to-do list.   The kids' bedroom hall got a paint job.   We decided to go ahead and give each of the children his/her own room.   It was sad for me, because it seems as if we are not to be blessed with another child.  We bought a house with four bedrooms in hopes we'd need more space for more little ones, but  I am very thankful that with my health issues we have three beautiful children.   We still have room for room-sharing if needed, though!

E chose a beautiful lavender for her room.   It looks so pretty with the wood floors.   We also changed her bed to a full-size so her room can serve as a guest room for overnight guests.   When I was little, I always had to move out of my room for guests.   We also bought her a headboard.   The kids have never had headboards.   I found great deals on-line on sweet antique-looking metal headboards for the girls.


C chose pink for her room.   It was originally T's…

A Life Lived & Celebrated

Today would have been Mama's 75th birthday.    Part of me reads that as "should" rather than "would."   I want her to be here.   I need her to look at me as only she could and I need her to tell me what I should do in so many situations as a mom.   I need to know more about what I was like as a child and how much of that is reflected in my own little ones.   I need her to tell me all the old stories again as the names and faces of those relatives so distant to me are fading.   I need my children to have a grandma.   I just need her.   Here.

Here and now, that's okay for me to feel.   I've given myself permission to let the tears flow today and indulge in a good cry, without any pep talks or attempts at pulling at my own bootstraps.   Because my favorite memories of Mama are her just being there.   There in that moment.   Sitting with her friends and laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her face and she couldn't speak.    I get that from h…

Another Piece on Pie

My latest piece is up at Bourbon and Boots.   This time, I'm sharing three of my favorite recipes for summer pies and cobblers, along with some of my memories:

Fan Zone

This post has absolutely nothing to do with football stadiums or sports spectator seating.

Our new home has one flaw.   It can get hot.   Really hot.   Last winter, we rarely had to run the central heat, except for maybe a cycle or two first thing in the morning to take away the chill.   Yea for the winter utility bills!  Oh, wait a minute.   This is Texas, so that really only affects two--maybe three--utility bills?

We have no mature trees anywhere near our home, so our large roof just soaks in the heat.   Thermal curtains are on the front windows for the morning heat (when our door handle gets too hot to touch) and solar screens are on the kitchen windows, on the back of the house, where the evening sun comes bearing down.   I complained about our lack of trees to a friend from Louisiana.   She told me the new neighborhoods cleared all the trees and people had cut down trees because of all the damage done by trees during the past few years when hurricanes came ashore. w…