Friday, 28 December 2012

Wreaths: Advent Preparations

 I really enjoy making wreaths.   I was inspired this year by a trip to downtown Bryan after Thanksgiving with a friend.   We saw some beautiful southern-style decorations and I set about making much-needed new wreaths for our front door and above our mantle.

Front Door Wreath

First, can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of a red door at Christmas?!

This is a real wreath, but it didn't make it until Christmas.   We get some intense morning sun on the front of our house.   It makes the paint on the door slightly tacky to the touch and sometimes you can barely grasp the hot door handle.  So, a week before Christmas, I transferred all the pieces to an artificial wreath.   It will make next year a little easier!   I used artificial red roses that were expensive, so beginning in October, I went once a week to Michael's and picked up a stem with one of my 40% off coupons.   I cut the stems apart so I could spread the blooms and leaves around the wreath.   Then, I used golden pinecones (matte finish), along with a bow I made from some gorgeous ribbon (50% off at Hobby Lobby).   Not only is this southern in feel, but it also reminds me of my wedding bouquet, which was a combination of Christmas greens, a dozen and half red roses, and golden pinecones.    One day, my camera and laptop issues will be solved and I will have a proper picture of that wedding bouquet below.

Phone and laptop issues: picture this right-side up, please.   You get the idea of what the bouquet looked like and that was the point of this.
Mantle Wreath

I made the front door wreath before my bout with pneumonia.  A week after my diagnosis, my husband brought me all the materials and I was able to sit and construct the wreath for our mantle.   I was very happy with the results.   I used a large artificial wreath, an artificial magnolia and leaves and other elements that looked like real dried plants.   For the bow and streamers I used burlap ribbon and a green one with fleur-de-lis trimmed in gold.   It really needs two streamers coming down from the bow centers in both types of ribbon.   Maybe next year!

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