Christmas Day

I can't access the camera roll on my iPhone.   I haven't bought a new digital camera because it's just been too easy to use my phone that seems to be with me at most times.    Fortunately, I e-mailed a few of our Christmas pictures in an effort to make room on the phone and I have those to share.

We continued our tradition of attending midnight mass.   Clare and Emmeline wore their beautiful dresses and Thomas wore footed pjs.   Really, there is such a small window of time when it is acceptable to wear pajamas to church, we really should take advantage of it!   The music was beautiful and I love making mass the first thing we do on Christmas Day.   As I sat there, I thought about Christians in times long ago, before the Victorians made Christmas the family holiday that the world celebrates today.   Imagine in medieval times when mass and a feast, not numerous presents, were the main focus of the day.   Surely midnight mass and the meal which traditionally followed must have been so exciting.   It was one of those moments where I felt Catholic, knowing I was joining in the ancient liturgy with Christians around the world.

There was great excitement over the first gift of the day: Jesus who was placed in the manger.   I have some cute pictures of that.   Maybe one day I'll have them.

Santa was especially good to the children this year.   They were a little worried about my reaction to one gift that was for them all.   They know my opinions of such things.   Santa must have seen them playing sports and dance games at the homes of good friends.   He must have thought it would be a nice thing to have when the weather makes for indoor play as the only option.   That Santa!

The girls were further surprised by the big man.   They keep walking around with their American Girl dolls saying, "I just can't believe he really brought me this!"

Clare got a Bitty Baby.

Emmeline got Kit.

Thomas was delighted with a toy bow and arrow.   He's been alternating between being Robin Hood and Hawkeye.   He also got an Imaginex fighter plane with a removable pilot!

In addition to their Santa gifts, there were Legos, games, Barbies, doll accessories, train cars, more planes, and a digger for Thomas to sit on and operate in a sand box.   

I always worry about going overboard for gifts.   I am always so touched and impressed by families who limit children to three gifts, just like the number Jesus received.   The problem is that our children have no living grandparents and they aren't going to receive gifts from other relatives.   So, it's up to us and we have fun buying them special gifts.   My friend Regina gave me good advice this year when she told me it's our family to do Christmas with as we see fit and we just need to be thankful for what we can do for our children.   Wise words indeed!


  1. Ha! Our children received a Wii as well...from their deceased grandfather. I was not too sure at first, but I think I actually like it!


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