Baptism Gowns & First Communion Dresses

By this time last year, I was already shopping for our family First Communion dress.   As I have posted before, I like bargains and I will save costs where I can.   Even my wedding dress was a great price.   That wasn't exactly on purpose, as it was the one I wanted at first glance, but I did work the summer before our wedding to pay for it.   My parents had paid for my college education so that I started my career with no college debt, so I thought I could handle paying for the dress.

Simple empire waist, with white pearl beading on bodice.   Mama and I made my veil. 

There have been a few times, though, when I didn't worry about costs.   One such time was when we purchased the baptism gown that would become our family baptismal gown.   We bought it before our eldest daughter's baptism and it has been used by all three children.   It is beautiful linen with hand-knitted lace trim on the gown and matching bonnet.   It is a design that can be used for girls or boys.   On the slip of the gown, we have had each child's initials and baptism date embroidered by our friend, Amber.   As a convert who was never baptized until Easter Vigil almost sixteen years ago, it was important to buy a gown that would be a family heirloom and establish a tradition in our family.

Emmeline's Baptism

Clare's Baptism

Thomas' Baptism

I felt the same way when our eldest prepared to receive the Holy Eucharist for the first time last spring.   I found a wonderful company, Embroidered Heirlooms, who offered beautiful, age-appropriate dresses for little girls, in addition to a line of baptism gowns.   I love the company's motto: "Honoring the Innocence and Beauty of Childhood."   Each dress is custom-made.   The dress we ordered will be used by both of our daughters and they can pass it down to their own daughters.   Emmeline's initials and First Communion date were embroidered on the slip of the dress.   Clare's will be added after her special day.   Since they are custom-made, you need to place your order months in advance.

Beautiful, elegant detailing

So sweet and feminine

These are monumental, life-changing, life-giving events and we took great care in selecting the family heirloom gowns for them.  Mama tried to teach me to prioritize when it came to spending money.   I've not regretted a penny spent on our gown and dress and I look forward to seeing them used again in the future.


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