Friday, 28 September 2012

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Several of us spent Wednesday morning working on new wreaths for our front doors.  Elizabeth hosted and provided us with a perfect workspace.   The children played together well and were content.   We laughed and talked and finished the morning with some beautiful finished products.   Even though everyone used the same basic components, each wreath was unique.   I made my wreath last year, so I was there to help and enjoy the company.   Female bonding and beautiful crafts made for a great mid-week boost!

Ready to begin!  This is one of Elizabeth's pics.   Hers are the ones that were obviously NOT taken with an iPhone!

Almost done!

Julia and I working on her wreath.

Lauren contemplating the perfect placement.

Elizabeth's finished wreath

Julia's finished wreath

Lauren's finished wreath


We celebrated my husband, Joey's birthday.   The kids couldn't wait to surprise him as he entered the door after work.   Since we both have September birthdays, we usually just combine our birthday meal on his birthday.   This year, we went to Carino's and everyone enjoyed it.   When we returned home, we ate cake, sang "Happy Birthday" and opened presents.   It was a good day.

I made Ina Garten's famous chocolate cake.   It is an amazing recipe.

I had to use a different icing, since the chocolate called for in the original recipe contains nut allergens.  Still satisfactory results, though.

Thomas was fascinated with the trick sparkler candles on the cake.   Daddy managed to avoid being in a photo!


Our latest check-up visit to the allergist was quite an adventure.   He is an INCREDIBLE physician and we are blessed to have him in this town, but visits to his office are usually not quick.   It's great when he's with you because he takes so much time and care with each patient.   It's a little rough while you're waiting with small children, though.   Thomas and Clare were quiet for a while (see pic below), but the big plastic blocks made such a satisfying sound as they flew across the floor.   Add to that, I kept falling asleep, so I'm sure people heard my children yelling, "Wake up, Mama!"   Of course, as always, was Emmeline, sitting there quietly.   It was a great good-news check-up though!

A bit of calm as they shared a book.


I have several "reals" to share this week.   I was finally inspired to tackle my catch-all area in my kitchen.   Prepare to be shocked by the BEFORE.   I am slowly developing a system for the bills, mail, medical/Rx receipts, and all the new school stuff.

This is a pic of a pic of a pic of my Before.   I didn't know what information might be visible in that paperwork!  You get the general idea of chaos, clutter, and yes, owing to that bit of stove visible in the right corner, fire hazard.

After--lest you be too impressed, that Netflix movie in the basket arrived at our house back in July!  Ugh!   I hate to waste money!!

Eczema on my hand has been real this week.   I haven't been as vigilant about wearing gloves when cleaning and washing dishes and this is the real result.   This is an improvement, though and by Sunday, I'm hoping to see healed hands.

round button chicken


  1. I love how all of the wreaths turned out! What a fun get together!

  2. How pretty! Let me know if you make Christmas wreaths. Also, if you ever need a garage sale buddy, count me in!


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