Thursday, 20 September 2012

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This could double as {pretty-happy}!  My friend, Lauren, and I share September as our birthday month and we celebrated with some dear friends Wednesday night.    Gifted Nan made the beautiful flower arrangements which not only brought beauty to the table, but also were our special gifts to take home.   My poor iPhone picture simply cannot do them justice.   The cake was a scrumptious chocolate dream, a chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache.   The dishes are lovely vintage tea/coffee plate sets and they suited our gathering--and our group--perfectly.   We were able to get our first glimpse of Mary's lovely new home as we "oohed" and "ahhed" over its features.    We sometimes jump up and down or even clap in exclamation.   Pretty girly.   Pretty wonderful.   Pretty refreshing to our spirits.

Gifts for the birthday girls!

Mary's yummy offerings!   We always pull out our special dishes for each other.


C, after her fever broke, curled up under the same comforter I used to curl up under when I was sick.   My now quite vintage comforter!

Later this week, at the park, signs of a much-enjoyed surprise cupcake on her face!

Our family is on the mend after about two weeks of various viruses, dental procedures, and general sinus "stuff."    Happy development indeed!   I am so happy to pass on the "healing" powers of the Winnie the Pooh blanket.


T has had a blast playing in the mornings.   I wasn't able to catch him as he was when REALLY in action as Thor, the God of Thunder, but I was able to make him pose for a second.   He chose his own cape!   I love to watch him tear through the house and yard, making his own sound effects and providing hours of script as he battles all those who would seek to do injustice in the world.   Or something like that.


Migraines have been real this week.   I had my worst one yet Tuesday and I depended on my oldest child to help with the younger ones until Daddy got home.   My medication now travels with me, as I've figured out that if I don't take them at the first sign, they will be of little use.   The meds' relief is real, though, when I am able to take them in time and for that I am grateful.

round button chicken

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  1. I love the funny, you have quite the hero on your hands! Happy birthday, God bless


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