Monday, 30 July 2012

6 Years Old!

Shame on me; this is a late post!   We celebrated C's birthday July 5.   We had a huge party last year, so we kept it smaller this year.   We met her godmother and "godbrothers" at our neighborhood pool for swimming, pizza and birthday cake.   It was so much fun and it was rather fitting.   She was surrounded by people who saw her the day she was born!

She has changed so much over the past six years.   She's still full of spunk and passion, doing everything with gusto!   She's such a good swimmer.   She likes to please, but also knows how to dig her heels in when things don't go as she wants.   She is kind-hearted and always the first to share or help someone who has a need.   She's a great helper and a really great "finder" when I've lost something.   She loves her baby dolls and the Avengers, especially Thor.   Life was never the same after Clare and for that we're thankful!

Sweet newborn

with godparents, Leslie and Ray

hmm...who does she look like?!

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