Friday, 18 May 2012

In My Kitchen Lately

In New Orleans, the King Cake is traditional fare for Mardi Gras.   It's just not decadent enough for me, though, in those last days leading up to the penance of Lent.   For our Mardi Gras party this year, I made this double fudge praline cake.   It's a homemade three layer chocolate cake, with chocolate ganache in between the layers and around the outside of the cake.   Then, I made pralines with toasted pecans.   Instead of dropping the mixture to make small pralines, I poured the whole batch over the top of the cake.   Yeah, really.   It's my favourite cake.

I don't fry often, but we had homemade chicken strips (after they soaked in buttermilk).

Finished strips

What fried chicken meal would be complete without homemade buttermilk biscuits?!

Enjoying a biscuit with Georgia cinnamon honey.   Biscuits with butter: bread for the meal.   Biscuits with honey/jam: dessert

When I don't have time for yeast dough cinnamon rolls, I just make rolls using my biscuit dough.   The kids don't complain.  This is before the icing:)

Chocolate Creme Meringue Pie--majestic peaks of meringue

Mini apple and cherry pies with teacher/school decorative details.

Mini pies bagged for Teacher Appreciation/End of Year giving

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