Sunday, 20 May 2012

Aunt Nadine's 85th Birthday

Still playing catch-up with my posts...In March, we headed to Oklahoma to celebrate my Aunt Nadine's 85th birthday.   She is the oldest of Mama's siblings.   She helped raise Mama (the baby of the family); she was Mama's "Nini"--and her hero. My friend Amber went with us and did most of the driving.   Aunt Betty made the trip with us, too.   I got to see family members I haven't seen since Mama's funeral, or earlier.   I was able to visit Mama's grave for the first time since the new headstone was installed.   

Funniest moment of trip was when C spoke up, "Aunt Amber, are you awake?"   Funny because Aunt Amber was driving at the time.   Worst moment of the trip: E started yelling and I looked back to see C had the seat belt wrapped around her neck.   I made it to the back of the van (Amber said it was impressive how fast I got there) to find it was wrapped around three times and pulled taut.    The guardian angel who was holding it off her neck (didn't leave a mark!) helped me get it unwrapped, somehow.  

T and E at Marshall Pottery

Aunt Betty and Aunt Nadine
Aunt Nadine's beautiful family--kids, grandkids, great-grands (and us!)

T was my social butterfly

My cousin Linda's delicious cakes

Standing in front of the statue of the great son of Oklahoma, Will Rogers

Always have to stop at the largest McDonald's in the US in Vinita, OK.   It's built over the highway.

True wisdom from Rogers

Overlooking the highway

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