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My Vintage Kitchen: Very Before, Before, and After

During our last effort to finish cleaning out my parents' home nearly two years ago, I finally came across some of my childhood toys.   Memories came to mind and heart with each new discovery.   Some toys I remembered well and had thought of many times throughout the years.   Others had slipped deeper into my memories and I only remembered them as I found them.   Some of my favorite finds were items from my kitchen set.   I loved my kitchen set.   I probably played with it every day until about 6th grade when it was moved out of my room.   It was a Sears one, made of Masonite.   It had red accents, including a plastic red sink.   Behind the sink was a little painted window scene, complete with red and white check curtains.   All of the cookware was red and my dishes were tin with red accents.

Our house on the farm was built in 1956 and it had characteristics traits of a mid-century home.   The two bathrooms were beautiful with amazing pastel and black tile-work.   When I posted p…

The Lenten Bell Tolls For Me

I'm digging my heels in.   I'm crossing my arms and stamping, with fists clinched and screaming, "But I don't wanna!"

In my head, that is.   In my head and my heart, this is how I am reacting to the fact that Lent begins next week.   That means only one thing.   I really need the season of penance and preparation this year.   Spiritually and emotionally, the past few months have hit me hard.   I can't explain why, exactly, but I'm bruised and broken and part of me does long for Lent, even though the majority of me seems to be in complete rebellion.  

I'm already on a diet, so the food-related obligations of Lent don't concern me.   It's the discipline of Lent against which I rebel.   "Mine, mine, mine!" my childish heart within me yells, holding fiercely to my time, my occupations of thought and hands, and my hurts.

Thankfully, I know from experience that God is waiting for me in this approaching season of Lent, arms open wide, gen…

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day started out as a sad day for me.   I felt badly for my children because they had no Valentine school parties to attend.   I let the date sneak up on me and did not organize a party.   So, I made an effort to make it a fun day.   They woke to find their goody bags and they brought me breakfast in bed.   They decorated heart-shaped sugar cookies for neighbors and friends.   It was such fun for them to deliver them!   In the evening, they had a surprise delivery by friends which touched my heart.   They said they had a great time and once again, I worried too much.

E's Birthday Tea

So, it was two months late, but it still happened.   When E was sick and we had to cancel her party, an available time became scarce with the holidays.   So, her baptism birthday on Feb. 1 seemed a great date.   It was so fun to prepare for the party.   The girls all seemed to have a great time and they all behaved like such little ladies at tea!    I said this was the last big party until her 10th, but now I don't know...Don't tell her that!