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A Welcome Sight: Christopher Hitchens

This morning, I was SO very happy to see this video link as part of my facebook feed:

It features Fr. Robert Barron explaining why he loved watching and reading Christopher Hitchens.   It's how I felt about Hitchens, also, although I would have never expressed it so eloquently. 

I've been disheartened by many of the posts and comments I've seen from "Catholic" pages and groups lately and this was a beautiful reminder of one of the many wonderful things about Catholicism.   We do not have to separate faith from reason.   We also do not have to cower in fear or ignorance, but may bravely pursue Truth.   Fr. Barron's ministry is such a welcome breath of fresh air in our current culture.   We need more honest intellectuals like him.

Apple Pies and Jane Austen


Christmas 2011

We had a beautiful Christmas season this year.   We started a little early with our trip to Fort Worth to see the dazzling windows at Neiman Marcus.    Then, came lots of faith, fun, food, and family.  


It is impossible to believe that my precious girl is 8 years old.   It really does seem like only yesterday that she was born.   Added to the already pleasant memories of Christmas are memories of bringing home our beautiful baby girl.   Poor baby was sick on her birthday, so we had to cancel her tea party with friends.   We had cake and ice cream at home and we'll make up her party soon!  

She is my artist with a tender heart.   She's my helper, without whom I don't know how I'd get along.   She's my math student, much to my delight.   She's just who she is, unique and wonderful and I'm always thankful I was blessed with the honor of being her mother.  

Catching Up: Victorian Tea, Baby Shower, Pies, Neiman Marcus Christmas Windows, & Gumbo

Since my last posts, here's a little of what's been happening...

A Victorian Tea with friends.   Next year--period costumes!

I was grateful to co-host a baby shower for a sweet friend who has since given birth to a beautiful baby girl.  

This year, the days leading up to Thanksgiving were about PIE.  It was my first year to make and sell pies out of my new kitchen and I was anxious to see how I would handle the switch from two wall ovens to one range oven.   It worked out great and I was able to make twenty-four pies--homemade crust and fillings--in my oven.   Actually, I think I was more organized this way.   In the past, I could have two separate ovens going at different temperatures, so I would bake by order instead of by pie type.   This time, I had my own personal assembly-line.   I could fit 5-6 pies in my oven at a time!

Things went so smoothly with the whole process that I was beginning to get a little sure of myself.   That's when I started to crack the eggs for …