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Summer Memories

Like everyone else, I can say my parents weren't perfect and my childhood was not idyllic, but I had a great childhood.   There were many things that made it so and I think part of it was because my parents were older (although they would not be considered so today).

My parents never entertained me.  I was supervised, but left to my own devices to entertain and amuse myself.   The only crafts or projects I did were those my sister, who was ten years my senior, did with me or those I did at school.   Mama taught tole painting classes to adults, but she simply provided me with craft supplies and gave me pointers or answered my questions.   She taught me to cross-stitch when I was seven, so I was able to sit with her and cross-stitch or do that by myself.

We played card games and board games as a family on occasion, but my mother wasn't a big fan of games, so I was more likely to play cards with Daddy.  I consider this normal family social time, so I don't count it as enterta…

My Baby Girl is 5

It's really hard to believe that my sweet C. turns five today.   Five years ago, my Aunt Betty drove in to watch E. while I checked into the hospital to be induced.   C. has kept us on our toes and brought tremendous joy into our lives.   E. and T. look SO much like Joey, but C. favors my side, particularly Mama's family.   When she looks at me a certain way, I can see Mama in her face.  She has the most gorgeous curls and she stands at the mirror trying to comb them straight, regardless of how many times she is told by strangers that her hair is beautiful.   She is a cuddler who always seems to know just when someone needs a hug or a kind word.

She does everything with gusto!   Joey and I can't believe how our children seem to take after their patron saints.   One of her patron saints is St. Jeanne d' Arc (Joan of Arc's French name).   She is just as fiesty, and stout of heart and will as those two holy women!   She also gets a little of that from her Grandma!  …