Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a beautiful Christmas season this year.   We started a little early with our trip to Fort Worth to see the dazzling windows at Neiman Marcus.    Then, came lots of faith, fun, food, and family.  

Emmeline's first piano recital.   She's on the front row, fifth from the right.   She was so nervous!

Thomas' new pajamas.   "Mama, my dogs are barking!"

After their shopping trip at Santa's Workshop.   They LOVE buying each other presents.

Thomas: worn out after Santa's workshop

Our tree this year

Dicken's Village: food themed pieces

Dicken's Village: A Christmas Carol pieces

Beautiful, fragrant bouquet from my friend, Nan.   It's still out, in dried form!

Our Jane Austen Girls Christmas gathering: Nan's beautiful arrangement and basket, laden with treats and our film for the evening, Mary's yummy homemade truffles, and Lauren's delicious apple pie

Our nativity scene

Christmas mantle with Mama's vintage blown glass pinecone ornaments and the Mr. and Mrs. Claus dolls she made

Dicken's Village: Parliament

Dicken's village

Crystal village I bought in college.

Mama's nativity shadow box and her ceramic angels

Gingerbread village

Finally did this!

Dining room: Mama's decorations

Mama's sled at our front door.

Yea!   High point: coming home from Midnight Mass and opening the first gifts: the baby Jesus figurines for our nativity sets

Putting Baby Jesus in the manger

Baby Jesus gets put in the manger on the mantle

This was the YEAR OF THE EASY-BAKE OVEN.   I never had one and I've waited 8 years for Emmeline to get hers:)

He loves to vacuum!


Christmas tradition: pretty cookies

Their handiwork!

Espresso cafe playhouse tent

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