Friday, 26 August 2011

Lots and Lots of Swimming

We've never had a neighborhood pool before and the kids have really enjoyed it.   I've enjoyed watching them enjoy it.   It's a testament to my love for them that I wear a swimsuit in public so they may swim.

We've had so many swim dates with friends over the summer.   Sometimes I even remembered to take pictures.   I'm not good at remembering to do that.   The girls took swim lessons at a local health club and progressed so well.   I never learned to swim, so I am especially proud of them.   I'm also a little awe-struck.

Before we moved, we kept telling the kids how much they would enjoy the move because of the pool and our closer proximity to friends.   It took us a while to finally get to the pool the first time; I think they thought we lied about that part.   They finally quit asking about the pool as we'd drive by and they'd just press their noses against the windows as we passed.

He loves water guns at the pool!


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