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One of my favorite cooking reference sites is America's Test Kitchen.   You may be familiar with their wonderful magazine, Cooks Illustrated.   They test classic recipes and fine-tune them so they turn out great each time you make them.   The magazine offers step-by-step instructions and illustrations for dishes each issue, along with product reviews.   When I am ready to make a new kitchen equipment purchase, no matter how small, I check their site for recommendations.

A few months ago I had to replace my cookware.  I was prepared to save up for a year to buy All-Clad until I read ATK's reviews of a Tramontina set (this link is for the original set rated "Best Buy" in ATK)  sold exclusively at...WAL-MART.com!   It was a mere fraction of the cost and their only complaint was the sizes of pots offered.   Well, both companies read the reviews and quickly produced a line with bigger pots and pans.   It is wonderful, high-quality tri-ply stainless cookware and it has made cooking a little easier.  

I like that America's Test Kitchen gives every product an equal chance and does not always go with the expensive choice.   Bookmark ATK and check out their magazines.   It's time and money well-spent for homemakers or foodies!

My next recipe book purchase


  1. Terri....do you have ATK's slow cooker cookbook? I've looked at it but not purchased it yet.


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