Sunday, 20 March 2011

The First Day of Spring From My Front Door

It's been a beautiful day, the perfecting beginning to this beautiful season.   This morning, I was greeted with the lovely lavender blossoms from my potted azalea.   One of the signs of spring that most registers in my mind from my childhood was the sight of massive old azaleas in bloom off our breezeway.   There was an old wrought iron gate that you could walk through and walk between the two blooming bushes.   You had to be fast, though, because the bees were busy swarming, also enjoying the fragrant pink blossoms.   The bushes grew so large that they touched you as you walked along the path.   I wonder how many hours I spent swinging on that gate and enjoying the sights and sounds around me or just daydreaming.

Here, we are unable to grow azaleas in the ground due to our soil.  So, I have a lovely Encore dwarf azalea in a pot.   It was a gift from our friend Nancy, so it is special to me for several reasons.    A reminder of happy memories and a good friend!

Another favorite plant that I'm unable to put in the ground here (well, I can put it in the ground; it will die, though!) is a gardenia...sigh...the memories of gardenia mornings.   Here's my gardenia waiting to be potted--a gift from our friends John and Cindy.   My mom shared plants with friends who shared their cuttings with her, also.   So, a walk in our yard meant hearing stories of each plant and its origins.   I'm glad I have the same kind of associations with my plants.

Another sign of spring was discovered when I moved this hanging basket.   I quickly put it back and was relieved to see the mama bird return and care for her eggs.   The only thing better than discovering a bird's nest?   Little children on tippy-toes looking with wonder at that newly discovered nest!

Thank you Lord for the blessings of springtime after the sometimes dreary days of winter!

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