Don't Stand Still for Too Long at My House

I'm on a painting kick.   If you stand still for too long, you will end up being painted black--either brushed on or more likely, spray painted.   I do this every couple of years.   Mama had lots of metal yard pieces--plant stands, flower carts, etc. and they need to be repainted every so often.   I love metal pieces because you can so easily freshen them up with a fresh coat of paint.   I think nothing looks sharper than a crisp black finish.  The last time I was on spray-painting-spree, I called a friend and told her our fence would look really great painted black.  "I think you need to stop spray-painting for a while, Terri," was her reply.   Here are a few of my little projects.

BEFORE: Outdoor love seat and coffee table purchased a  garage sale.   I found a great deal on a cushion at!


Metal outdoor furniture will rust over time, so I waited until I could find some at a garage sale.   It makes much more sense to buy it cheap and paint it; I let the original owners take the depreciation on their purchase.   I had to wait five years!

Tip: If you have a table with glass that can't be removed, you can place cheap sticky notes under the metal to cover the glass at the edges.


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