Tuesday Folder: February 8, 2011

It has been a while since my last Tuesday Folder post.   Like everyone, we have been busy the past several months. 

T.-One-Shoe is Two
Say that five times fast!   T. turned two on New Year's Eve.   Like his sisters, he had a quiet family celebration for his second birthday.   We were going out of town, so I had to pick up Toy Story cupcakes.   He was so excited and he really enjoyed the icing.   That's my boy!    He's like his daddy in that his birthdays have been clouded by death and illness of family members, but it was still a celebration of the gift he is to us.

Special Aunts and Uncles
In December, we went to Uncle Bob's memorial service.   Uncle Bob is the husband of my mom's older sister, Betty.   He was such a kind, generous man.   He and Aunt Betty were a great support to us after my mother passed away and my dad's dementia worsened.   I will be forever grateful to them.   As we approached the funeral home, we saw the Model A cars lined up in the parking a lot, with Uncle Bob's car in the middle.   He had painstakingly restored the car and was a member of a Model A car club.  The members quietly drove in and took their places as a last tribute to one of their members.   After the service, it was so nice to spend time with my cousins.   My mom always thought so much of them.

Photos are from my cousin Steve

In January, we went to the Dallas area to visit my Aunt Pat and Uncle Buddy.   Aunt Pat is Mama's older sister who was closest in age to her.   Another of Mama's sisters, Aunt Betty, was also there.   It was wonderful to be with both of them and it made me feel very close to Mama.   At both visits, relatives told me how much I looked like Mama in her younger years.  

The children really enjoyed themselves.    They got a taste of grandparent treatment.   They've never really been made over or fussed over much by grandparents and it breaks my heart for them.   It's something that bothers me a great deal and it is one of the things that can really get me down from time to time.   I study their faces as they watch any program that mentions grandparents.   They are fascinated and a little puzzled.   My children have asked to go many places, but they have never once asked to go to the local Chuck E. Cheese pizza place.   I figured out the reason.   They first heard about the place from friends who brought back cups after going with their grandparents.   They told my girls about how they go there with their grandparents and my children think that you have to have grandparents to go there.   When they speak of Heaven, they talk about being excited to see Jesus and Grandma.   Clare always adds, "...because she never saw me."    So, I am thankful for the grandma-like attention they can receive.

A few weeks later, Aunt Betty visited us and the kids got some more grandparent treatment.  They were fussed over, told how wonderful, beautiful, and smart they were, and lovingly "fussed at."   It was wonderful and although it made me miss Mama, it made me happy her sister is in our lives.

The girls with Aunt Betty.   Thomas calls her "Bett."
A week later, Aunt Pat lost her battle with pancreatic cancer.   I am so grateful we were able to visit her before she passed away.   Mama told me such wonderful stories about Aunt Pat from her childhood and I loved it when she visited us.   We had to make a difficult decision when it came to her memorial service and visitation.   We decided not to take the children.   They've just been to so many doctor's appointments, nursing home visits, funeral homes and funerals over the past few years.   We were just afraid it would be too much after just seeing Aunt Pat.   It was the first time Clare and Thomas ever met her.   Our children are very sensitive and after several of their questions and comments, we knew we made the right decision.   So, we will continue to pray for the family she leaves behind, the family of which she was the center and strength.   Rest in peace, Aunt Pat.

Aunt Pat is the last on the right of the couch.   Aunt Betty is behind her.   Mama is on the left of Grandad and Grandma.   Aunt Nadine & Uncle Billy are also in the back, but for some reason this picture did not scan well.
A Beautiful Film
I was finally able to see The King's Speech with friends a few weeks ago and it was worth the wait.   It is now one of my favorite movies and I am so glad I was able to see it on the big screen.   It was beautiful to see the self-sacrifice of King George VI and the love between he and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mum).   The last time I watched the entire Oscar telecast was when Schindler's List was nominated for Best Picture.   This year I will once again watch so I can see The King's Speech and Colin Firth take home the statuette.  

SNOW DAY--Again?!!!
Last Friday, we had a snow day.   The girls were so excited about the snow and having Daddy home from work.   My favorite part was listening to the soft fall of the snow the night before as it first began to fall.   I love the beauty and quiet of the snow.   I've given up telling my girls that it really doesn't snow here every year.   They won't believe me!   As I told friends, may I always be blessed to live in a place where people say ma'am and sir, you can get hand-scooped Blue Bell ice cream, and a half-inch of snow shuts the whole town down.

Another exciting even: First lost front tooth!!!   I've waited seven years for that!   There was one day where she had that lost tooth grin, C. had her blond ringlets framing her face, and T. had on overalls.   Perfection for this Mama!

Another of Emmeline's pictures
Perfect "Me Time"
I've enjoyed my return to the gym and my training sessions.   I've learned so much that I can do without hurting my back.    It's been more successful this time around since we opted to include the nursery package.   It is the only way we could fit work-outs into our schedule.   It's great "me" time because it is a way for me to enjoy time to myself to think and pray, while at the same time it refreshes me so that I return to my family with more energy.   It's time that benefits the entire family.   Plus, we figure it's cheaper than meds and surgery in the future!   One of our favorite priests used to say that he felt he had to tell people he worked out because otherwise they might not know.   Yep, that's my present stage!

Baptism Birthday
We also celebrated E.'s 7th Baptism Birthday.   It was at the mass before her baptism that I had my first feeling of being a real mom.   It hit me as I held her and received the blessed Eucharist.   It was the first time we had been to mass together as a family since she was born and I realized that my true purpose was to bring her to Christ.   Her baptism was that first step and as she grows older, I find her also leading me.

Around the House
Why do we wait so long to complete small projects?   We finally painted the kitchen door that leads to the garage.   We've been able to complete several little projects around the house.

The triangle in the window is an old ice sign.   In the days of ice delivery, you would place this in your window, with the appropriate amount of ice turned upward to let the ice man know how much to unload.

In coming days I hope to publish some posts on my dad as the first anniversary of his death was December 31.    Also, I'm trying to unload and organize my thoughts on the beautiful British miniseries Downton Abbey which aired on Masterpiece Theater during January.  

Looking back on this post, I can see how the happy and the sad make up our lives.   God can always bring good out of the bad.   It's up to us to be open to his grace so that we may have "eyes to see and ears to hear."


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