Thursday, 27 January 2011

Christmas Pictures--Just a Little Late

I am more than tardy when it comes to posting pictures from Christmas 2010.   I did not get our Christmas cards made or mailed this year, so I plan on sending cards out this spring.   It was a busy December and January!

Our tree this year.   I didn't get a night shot with the lights.  The Raggedy Ann paper on the gift in front is from an old roll my mom kept.   She wrapped presents in it when I was a little girl.  

My favorite presents: The girls bought everyone presents at a Santa's Workshop held at the Homeschool Center.   They decorated the bags themselves, with pictures special to each person.   They were so proud of their shopping trip!
This is what E. left with the cookies and milk.   I'm always happy to see their focus on Christ at Christmas.   Helping Daddy put Baby Jesus in the nativity after Midnight Mass ("night church") is still what they talk about most.  (My fancy editing)
Highlights: C. got a big girl bike (with Rosebud printed on it), T. got an Inchworm, and E. got her first Barbie items: a reproduction of a 1965 Barbie (a modest Barbie!) and  a carrying case.

The only thing C. really wanted for Christmas was a Jessie doll.   We aren't big movie watchers.   We had not seen the Toy Story movies until Thanksgiving.   We heard so much about Toy Story 3 that we decided to watch them all and we became fans.   That evening, I heard C.'s Jessie doll's recorded voice ask "What do you like to do for fun?"   Then I heard C.'s sweet voice answer, "I like to ride my bike and play with my dolls..."

All bundled up on his Inchworm!


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