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Christmas Pictures--Just a Little Late

I am more than tardy when it comes to posting pictures from Christmas 2010.   I did not get our Christmas cards made or mailed this year, so I plan on sending cards out this spring.   It was a busy December and January!

Called to Thriftiness

I have a bad habit of watching the baskets of shoppers around me at the grocery store check-out lines.   How many times have I watched carts loaded with unhealthy pre-made convenience and junk foods?   My first impulse is to get upset, but then I think of how many people today have never learned how to shop wisely or manage money.  When my children are all older, I'd like to volunteer to help moms learn to cook healthy, cost-effective meals and to stretch their food budgets as far as possible.   

I had an advantage of watching my mother.   She was very wise with money.   She used coupons and filled our home with beautiful things from garage sales.   She loved the thrill of finding a bargain and she always said that decorating with re-vamped garage sale treasures meant that you didn't have to feel guilty about changing your decor later or swapping out an item for another one.  

This was Mama's coupon box.   You flip the lid upside down in the cart and the bottom of the box…

Tee's Corn Pudding

Today, had a question on their facebook page, "Corn pudding: yum or yuck?"   Most of those who left comments responded with Yuck.   Obviously, they've never had a good corn pudding.   Here's a fantastic recipe from, big surprise for me, Southern Living: Tee's Corn Pudding.   Try it as a side dish year round, even with frozen corn.   It's especially delicious in the summertime when you can use fresh corn.   We like it with grilled dishes.   Homemade corn pudding from scratch: Yum!

from Southern

This classic recipe has a rich, soufflé-like texture without the hassle. The result is an impressive holiday side dish the entire family will love.
Total: 1 hour, 10 minutes
Yield: Makes 8 servings

Ingredients 12  to 13 ears fresh corn, husks removed 1/4  cup  sugar 3  tablespoons  all-purpose flour 2  teaspoons  baking po…