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A Post All Its Own

I thought this photo deserved a post all its own.   I love this photograph.   If C had been born with a warning label, this is what it would have said!   The picture is also a good image of many of her adventures with her little brother--the expressions (he's green of course) are spot-on.   She knows how to make us laugh, though and she can make our hearts melt.   We love our little C Bear, my little Lou!

Tuesday Folder--Sept. 28, 2010

No Tuesday folder last week, for the past two weeks have been a whirlwind for our family.   Tuesday  ended on a beautiful note for me--a lovely evening with friends.

Only hours later would we learn that Joey and I were both now complete orphans, in earthly terms, and that our children no longer had any living grandparents.   Joey's mother, passed away, peacefully,  in her sleep.  We would spend the week out of town for the funeral and then spend the next week trying to get back into some sort of routine.  We were overwhelmed by the expressions of sympathy we received from our friends, especially those who never met her.   We are so blessed to call such caring people our friends.   Last week also marked the sixth anniversary of my mother's death.

Everyone has been sick at some point with a virus and I have raised the white flag of household surrender: the laundry and the children's toys are the current victors, but with God's grace, I will keep up the fight!  I also lea…

My Autumnal Kitchen

Let the fall baking season commence!  This wonderful little cold front has my mind turning to thoughts of fall baking and holiday cooking, but rather than actually baking, I suppose I'll take a healthier route and simply share some favorite recipes!   More to come throughout the season...


These can be prepared a day ahead and placed in the fridge.   Just reheat them before serving!
This is a standard recipe for our family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even Easter.   When you look closely at the ingredients, you'll see why this is a special dish that only needs to be eaten a few times a year!   Be sure to cut the apples and sweet potatoes as directed; they will cook better and make a nicer presentation.

Use an apple corer to remove the core and slice apples into rings.   I used a cannoli form to remove the core.

2 pounds sweet potatoes, peeled
1 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
1 cup butter
1/2 cup apple cider (not juice …

This Stepford moment is brought to you by White Lily Flour, "The Light Baking Flour"

Now, on a completely non-sentimental note, I have found a most amazing product.   As a southern cook, I usually only think of Martha White flour, and then mostly in its self-rising form.   Recently, I decided to try another Southern favorite, White Lily flour, for the first time.   It is beautiful flour; it is so fine that it is almost like cake flour and it makes the lightest biscuits, muffins, scones, and cakes.   Yes, I go back to my gym sessions Monday!   How have I been without this flour all these years?!

Also, I have followed another piece of wisdom from one of my culinary heroes, Ina Garten.   I have switched to buying only extra-large eggs and my meringues have never been higher or fluffier!It has made a huge difference in my baking.   And she's also right about adding coffee to chocolate recipes.   It does intensify the flavor of the chocolate.   Thank you, Ina!

Really, in reference to Stepford Wives (the original; I've never seen the re-make.  It's one of those …


Our house does not look as if it came directly from a showroom floor.   It is filled with an eclectic mix of items, most of which have a story behind them.   When I was growing up, people would come to our house and my mom would give them a tour.   Daddy joked and called it the "Nickel Tour," because he said Mama would point to something and say, "You see that?   I got it for a nickel; they wanted a quarter for it, but I got them down to a nickel!"   I love to walk through my house and remember special people as I look upon its furnishings.   Periodically, I'll share a few on this blog.

My Own Magical Wardrobe

This is an antique chifferobe that my mother refinished.   There was an old home place next to our farm, with a crumbling house.   One day, as the owners made ready to demolish its remains, they called over to Mama and told her that she could have anything she wanted.   She quickly ran over and found this.   The long door was broken and its mirror was cra…

One is Silver and the Other Gold

Friends are very important in my life.   I did not grow up near extended family, so friends played a crucial role in my childhood.   I spent a great deal of time with my mom and her friends and I learned much about friendship and the better nature of women from watching them.   I still have friends from elementary school with whom I exchange Christmas cards, birth announcements, etc..and I've enjoyed reconnecting with "old" friends on Facebook.  I love my friends, old and new.   September has been an emotional and eventful one for our family.   I have been overwhelmed by the support, encouragement, and love that has been given to us by our friends, near and far, so I am a tad sentimental right now!  For my birthday this year, two of my friends visited me, over two weekends, and helped make this a special time for me.   Let me share a little about these two special women.

When I was in eighth grade, a new girl arrived on the scene.   We didn't get m…

An Anniversary

September 16, 2004 began as a typical morning.   Emmeline and I went for a walk and then she settled down for her morning nap while I worked on laundry.   I decided to call Mama; we usually talked to each other every day.   Since Emmeline was born nine months earlier, our conversations had grown to several times a day, as I called her to share Emmeline's latest "firsts."  She had called a little more than normal to check on me.   A month earlier I had my first severe reflux incident.   I was eating lunch when I experienced the normal discomfort, but this time, it got worse and it was as if my windpipe was closed and I couldn't breathe.   I felt like I was choking, but I could talk, so I knew that I wasn't.   I was alone with Emmeline, so I quickly snatched her out of the high chair and put her in her crib.   I worried about what I would do if this did not pass quickly and I stopped breathing.   I actually called 911, and told them I knew I wasn't choking, bu…

Tuesday Folder

Imagine that!   Me--late--with a Tuesday folder.   Gee, that never happened when I taught!   This Tuesday folder has to be all about our big weekend visit with friends.   Regina and the girls came for the first time since C was baptized!   Regina and I have been friends since we sat by each other in Coach Cox's ninth grade World Geography class and best friends since eleventh grade.    We were all beyond excited!  We just hung out and visited most of the time and it was wonderful, even if we did pay for staying up until 3 a.m. talking the first night!   The girls made chocolate chip cookies and I promised myself to cook with my children more.   My recent Pampered Chef order included several items specifically bought for them to use in the kitchen.

We were also able to share in the joyous occasion of the baptism of my friend Stephanie's baby, Spencer.  Afterward, we went to the pool party for the baptism and her daughter, Lauren's birthday.   Regina was able to meet several…