Seven Years Old!

It seems impossible that seven years ago, I was in a labor and delivery room, waiting to give birth to my first child.   I ended up giving birth to E. on December 1, the day the doctor wanted me to call to set up a time to be induced.   She told me on my last office visit that I would probably need help with labor and she was right.   I ended up going several hours without any contractions after my water broke, so the doctor decided to begin a pitocin drip.  I've heard since that pitocin labors are supposed to be hard, but it's what I've had with all three of my children; I don't know anything different.

I had back surgery in 1998, so I found out when I watched the epidural video that it would probably not have effect because of the scar tissue.   So, I decided that it wasn't worth the risk, or frankly, the cost, if there was a chance it might not even work.   So, I had a natural birth and I am so grateful.   My doctor was in a dentist's chair having a root canal when I was in labor and her husband ended up delivering E.

My parents made the three and a half hour drive, arriving around 3:00 in the morning.   They saw twelve deer on the road along the way.   Mama was so excited and very anxious.   Joey was beyond nervous and I was calm because I was in a hospital with which I was familiar (back surgery, gall bladder surgery, sinus surgery) surrounded by wonderful and skilled nurses and doctors.   I am so thankful for hospitals and the quick action they can take when seconds count.   My nurse for delivery was so good that the doctor thanked her and said it was a privilege to work with her.   She was semi-retired and he didn't get to work with her very often.

The doctor and nurses were very excited because we did not know if we were having a girl or a boy.   They said that happens so seldom now that it is even more exciting.   The doctor yelled, "It's a girl!!" when E. was born at 10:06 in the morning--"a very respectable time" as one of Joey's professors said.   It was such an incredible, joyous time.   I could not stop smiling and I was overcome by the love I felt for my precious baby.   I still find myself looking at her and marveling at the love I feel for her.

 Our first glimpse of E. at 6 weeks.

 Our 4-D ultrasound of our little girl.   My parents went with us to have this ultrasound and I remember leaving the office building and walking to the car.   Joey and I were ahead of Mama and Daddy and I was so happy I didn't even realize Daddy had asked me a question.   "She's in her own little world," Mama told him and we shared our first of a precious few "between us moms" looks.  

He was smitten from the first glimpse and smitten he remains!

Love it when they are in that deep, comfortable, arms-up sleep!

Grandma with E

We used this picture on our thank-you notes.  

I would like to have a picture from each year, but we only went digital two years ago and our scanner isn't cooperating.  

Thanks be to God for my precious E. and for the gift of motherhood.   Happy Birthday, sweet girl.   I am so thankful God sent you to us!

My big helper, with a sharp sense of humor and an artistic eye.   Thank you for sharing and showing me the world through your eyes.



  1. So sweet! Happy Birthday, Emmeline! So glad our little girls can be such good friends. :)


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