Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cheaper Than Therapy

Yesterday was a nice Saturday morning.   The kids spent fun time with Daddy (and hot Shipley's donuts) while I headed off to garage sales.   Being the first Saturday of the month, the front page of the classifieds section was full of sales.   Friday night, I picked those that looked most promising and entered them into the GPS (bought with profit from our own garage sale).   I didn't find much, but what I did find was worth my time.   One garage sale was held at the home of a friend, Ann, who passed away in March.   I was happy to find a coffee pot there; now I will think of her whenever I pour coffee for my guests.  

 All this for $35.
A Tiffany-style lamp, a glass and silver-plate coffee pot and warmer/serving stand, 4 science books for the kids, Dr. Dobson's book I've wanted to buy, and a Southern Living Quick Meals recipe book

We needed a new bedside lamp and this was perfect.  It even came with a light bulb!

Everyone had a great morning and was refreshed for the coming week.   Mama always said going to garage sales was cheaper than a therapist!   And I only bought useful items for which I had a place.


  1. Great finds! You are right, it's cheaper than therapy.

  2. What a beautiful lamp! And great finds on the books too :)

  3. Everyone says that eBay is one giant garage sale and I've just discovered it. I've been buying beautiful clothes for myself and our girls at a fraction of the retail price. Yes, it can be great therapy finding a bargain that is needed. We live in an area which is short on shops and can't always find what we need locally, so shopping at this 'garage sale' is the ideal way of finding what we need. There is always a lot of excitement when the post arrives: will our purchases live up to expectation?

    I've enjoyed visiting your blog. God bless.

  4. I SO want to come next time!


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