All Hallow's Eve & All Saint's Day

The children had such a fun night Sunday.   We live in a very quiet neighborhood, where many of our neighbors are retirees who enjoy seeing our children dressed in their costumes.   In the past, we've used the same costumes for both All Hallow's Eve and All Saint's Day, but this year, we gave the girls the chance to choose separate costumes if they wanted them.

Joey and I have such sweet, simple memories of trick-or-treating.   I also have special memories of the annual hot dog roast held at Mrs. Carmel's house.   Her children and I would watch the pile of limbs grow over the month of October.   I looked forward to that special evening for weeks and the taste of toasted marshmallows still takes me back to those times.   Our children made similar sweet memories this year!

An angel, Minnie Mouse, and a friendly gator!

Ready to head out!

 Then came Monday night and the big celebration of All Saint's Day.    Our parish held a wonderful party and the children had so much fun learning about quite a few saints.   There were crafts, games, food, and fun with friends.

Saint Cecilia & Our Lady of Lourdes

Saint Joseph--This costume was made by our friend Leslie for her boys and I was so excited when she handed it down to us!

T with his godmother, Kimberly

Her favorite part of the party: time with her friend!

She won a beautiful saints picture book as a door prize.   "Mama, I've never won anything like that before!"


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