Mama Time

I'm old enough that I remember the television commercial slogan, "Calgon, take me away!"   Sometimes, Mama just needs a little break--a little respite from the daily routine.   I'm not one for spas and my favorite form of "retail therapy" is garage sales which are limited to Saturday morning.   So, what was I to do Sunday morning of this past busy weekend?

A civilized coffee break with all my favorite little unnecessary necessities was in order.  Instead of the usual Fiesta ware cup and cream and sugar set, it was time for the china cup and saucer and my most recent splurge, sugar cubes.  They used to be so common, but now they are hard to find.    It may seem silly, but those little cubes just make me happy and I think they are beautiful in my mother's cream and sugar set. 

Another favorite item is my toast rack.   It's something I always noticed when I watched British television shows. No matter what the social class, there was some form of a toast rack at the breakfast table.  Again, perfectly unnecessary, but worth the little effort.    I brought this one back from England.

I don't need luxury get-aways, or sprees.    A little spot of simple beauty and unnecessary effort is enough for me.


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