Tuesday Folder--Sept. 28, 2010

No Tuesday folder last week, for the past two weeks have been a whirlwind for our family.   Tuesday  ended on a beautiful note for me--a lovely evening with friends.

Only hours later would we learn that Joey and I were both now complete orphans, in earthly terms, and that our children no longer had any living grandparents.   Joey's mother, passed away, peacefully,  in her sleep.  We would spend the week out of town for the funeral and then spend the next week trying to get back into some sort of routine.  We were overwhelmed by the expressions of sympathy we received from our friends, especially those who never met her.   We are so blessed to call such caring people our friends.   Last week also marked the sixth anniversary of my mother's death.
Everyone has been sick at some point with a virus and I have raised the white flag of household surrender: the laundry and the children's toys are the current victors, but with God's grace, I will keep up the fight!  I also learned a new British expression to describe our current state: We're "at sixes and sevens" around here.

Yes, stress and trial, but also good things to remember--life still goes on..., doesn't it?   One of the MANY blessings of children is that they force you to get out of bed each day, especially during the rough times.

Joey's parents on their wedding day.   Dudley and Velma married after he returned from the Pacific Theater in WWII. 

The kids were able to spend time with their cousins and they had so much fun together.   Joey and I were both surprise babies, born to our mothers later in life, so our children are closest in age to their second, and in some cases, third cousins.

Backyard fun...And that's C trying to catch the rain on her tongue.

Two days after we returned from Louisiana, we celebrated Joey's birthday.   Poor Joey has had some heavy birthdays over the past few years.

Joey's favorite birthday meal: a baked ziti
His handmade birthday sign!

Some more happy pictures from the past two weeks...photos of  those who bring me such happiness!

Silly, pretty girl

Little Lou

Giving "pretty eyes"

Even though the girls weren't feeling well, we went to our church's annual festival, and they did their two favorite activities: pony rides and train rides.   They didn't even want to go on the inflatables this year.  

The equestrian

The cowgirl

Train ride.   It makes me so happy to see how they delight in simple things.


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