Monday, 23 August 2010

Tuesday Folder

I've noticed other bloggers have posts which serve as summaries of their weeks.   I can see a need for that, as there are lots of things I want to post, but don't necessarily want to do a separate post for each.   So, I'm going to have the Tuesday Folder.   You see, when I taught elementary school, we sent students home with their weekly folders on Tuesdays.   That way, we had plenty of time to mark and record Friday's tests and the parents didn't have to deal with folders during the busy weekend.   So, here goes my first blog "Tuesday Folder."

Part of the Plan
I've joined a health club and have a personal trainer.   I'm doing individual sessions for a month so I can build a schedule and routine for fitness.   Since I am so motivated by thrift (sounds a little nicer than I'm cheap), I know I will be more faithful to my fitness routine in order to get my money's worth.  I need to have one-on-one guidance since I've had back surgery.   I don't think I'd qualify for any of the local boot camps.   It's been great so far and my trainer is great!

A New Old Kitchen
This summer, we've been sprucing up our kitchen.   It was an original 1964 kitchen, except for a newer stove and dishwasher.   It even had the original Formica gold-speckled countertops!    Most people would have walked into my kitchen and thought, "Gut it!,"   but I was delighted.   However, the countertops had started to peel and the seams were coming apart.   So, we've had some work done: new counter tops (with accents of my vintage green), new tile floors (in all wet areas in the house), new doors throughout the house, and a new tile back splash in the kitchen.   It all looks wonderful and is still in keeping with the age and style of the house.   Plus, the majority of it was done while we were in Louisiana.   No struggles to keep little feet off freshly-laid tile floors!   Now, I'm trying to decide how I want the cabinets painted.   That will have to wait for cooler weather.  
We finally have a proper back splash.

What a Charm-A

C has several distinct speech patterns, although they are starting to lessen and I know they'll soon disappear.  Our favorite: all words that end with -er, end with a long A when C pronounces them.   So, we go to Krog-A to buy wat-A, and maybe some beef for a hamburg-A.   And then there are her Ls.   Her favorite explanation for why she can or can't do something, "Because I'm wittle, huh, Mama?"

Royal Mail
We got back from Hemphill and I was ecstatic to see a book package in the box.   I could hardly contain my joy when I saw the Royal Mail air mail sticker, and then I noticed the address was from Essex.   My book of authentic tea time recipes, The National Trust Book of Tea-Time Recipes by Jane Pettigrew  had arrived!   It's divided by regions and it makes me want to shell out the big bucks for the tea set that matches my Wedgwood china.   Well, just for a minute.  Then, I go back to daydreaming about the day I find that teapot at a garage sale for $10--and then I get them down to $5.

How old IS that kid, anyway?!

T is weaned.  Since Sunday, he has not nursed to nap or go to sleep at night.   This will be much better for the family, but it always makes me a little sad.

A New Vacuum Cleaner

We finally had to give in and buy a new vacuum cleaner.   I enjoyed it tremendously for several days until T managed to get a C battery stuck in the hose.   It's at SEARS now and we're waiting to find out if we can get a new hose under the warranty.   Clean carpets are overrated anyway.

Other Kids

The kids' inflatable pool finally came out of the box yesterday.   It's only been a year since we bought it.   C's LeapFrog My First Computer came out of its box a few days ago.   It was from Santa Claus.   After spending the day in the pool, E said, "Mama, we buy things and they last, like 1 or 2 years and then we take them out of the box, but other kids get things and they take it right out of the box."   Yes, I know, but think how you're growing in the virtue of patience--with your mother!

Mother's Helper

For the first time ever, I had a baby-sitter come over a few times this summer to watch the kids while I cleaned and organized closets and other things.   She  came Thursday and it was wonderful.   The kids love Miss Katie and she is a great role model for them.

The Feast of the Assumption
My centerpiece for brunch.
I love being Catholic!  This year, we were able to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption at brunch with friends, including C's godparents.  Brunch is becoming my favorite meal for company.  Besides tea time, is there any meal more lovely than brunch?

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  1. How funny that your baby sitter is named is ours! We've never left the girls alone with her, as she doesn't drive yet, however she has come over when I need to get things done without the help of the girls!


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