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What other use is there for a bowl with a straw?

Wow!   Busy week and we aren't even on the back-to-school merry-go-round as is everyone around us!
I made tremendous progress this week toward better organization in my home.   More clutter is gone!   We were also able to give friends a piece of furniture from my parents' house.    I am so happy that it did not end up with strangers.   We already have so many pieces of my parents' furniture that we treasure.  I think we'll be able to park the car in the garage again in a week or two!

Saturday, I received a high compliment.   As I was showing a friend around our home and telling stories about pieces that belonged to Mama, she said, "I wish I could have met your mom."   Then, she turned to look at me, and said, "but I know you, so I guess I have met your mom."   Thanks, Megan.   

I have an azalea plant!   I grew up with huge, old-fashioned azalea bushes on our farm.   Spring and Easter were marked by their regal blooms.   Here, I cannot grow azaleas in the ground because the combination of our soil and water burns the plant.   A few days ago, our friend and E's godmother, Nancy, showed up at our door with a gorgeous dwarf lilac-colored Encore azalea.   Ah, a little touch of the deep south right at my front door!

My laptop is my connection to the outside world and it's not faring well, I'm afraid.   It's only two years old, but it's also the family computer, so it's gone through some hard use.   Here are some pics of the lengths to which I go just to stay connected!
The power cord has to be propped up in order to maintain contact.

 We closed on my parents' Texas house and we've accepted an offer on the Louisiana farm.   What a blessing that this was not a long, drawn-out process.   It will be much better for our family when we only have our own home to look after.

T has added new words to his vocabulary: bird, shoe, stop (yes, that would be exclusively for use with C).   I'm impressed with how distinctly he pronounces them.   I guess that's due to the example of older siblings!


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